Provigil Abuse

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Provigil Abuse
Provigil Abuse

Provigil (Modafinil) is a form of prescription medicine utilized for curbing excessive sleepiness and increase in energy and alertness, thus helping individuals to keep awake. Particularly, the drug has been approved by FDA for treating people who are suffering from excessive sleepiness on account of the following reasons:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). This is a problem common among night shift workers or those who often change their work shifts.
  • Sleep apnea

When Provigil (Modafinil) was approved by FDA in 1999, workers in the night shift as well as international travelers queued up to the doctors for prescription. Soon reports started to pour in that while Provigil use resulted in increased alertness, it also gave rise to side effects like irritability, edginess, weight loss and symptoms akin to the amphetamine as well as related sympathomimetic amines. Suspicions regarding the drug's potential for misuse or abuse came up early. Apart from Provigil acting on a person's psyche, it was also discovered though rarely, to cause increase in eosinophil counts in the blood, hypertension as well as extreme allergic reactions.

Animal studies have confirmed that Provigil can be abused. In a particular study, monkeys who had been previously habituated with cocaine also took Provigil when they were given the scope. This is a sure sign of Provigil as a reinforcing drug, which means it brings in feelings encouraging repeated use.

A recent research study with regard to ten subjects has confirmed that Provigil use results in rise in the levels of blood dopamine and it changes the brain chemistry in such a manner so as to invite addiction. Through increased dopamine, Provigil users experience greater feelings of personal well being (bordering on euphoria), akin to methylphenidate, also called Ritalin along with alertness and energy, despite some accompanied feeling of weirdness. This is why Provigil has been widely accepted among the college students and academicians. Students refer to Provigil as a "smart drug" due to the reported capacity of the drug for improving attention span. Provigil abuse has also been reported in order to bring in weight loss, on account of the drug increasing the body metabolism and reducing appetite. Thus the sale of Provigil had escalated to more than $850 million in the year 2008.

Often it is seen that medicines which may be abused may also result in withdrawal symptoms on stopping the drug intake. However, during these studies, no withdrawal symptoms associated with Provigil was reported. It is noteworthy that the studies were concerning people who had been suitably advised to be on Provigil for a specific and legitimate medical condition. It may be quite possible that symptoms of withdrawal may take place in case when individuals are taking the drug inappropriately.

There is no limit to the innovative ways through which individuals abuse substances like prescription medications. Sometimes the medicines are taken orally, at other times these drugs are smoked, snorted and also injected. Injecting or snorting of medications helps the drug to enter the bloodstream faster, often resulting in reactions of greater magnitude and causing very dangerous side effects.

There are a few important rules as well as regulations designed to prevent inappropriate use of Provigil. These rules are created for limiting refills of those medications and also to stop random use. There are special procedures to follow in order to prescribe these drugs. Transferring (giving or selling) to another individual of the controlled substance, in the absence of any valid prescription is supposed to be a big form of federal offense.

Buying Provigil through the internet without making use of a prescription is as illegal as buying from any friend who is not authorized to sell these types of drugs. It should be noted that when such a controlled substance like Provigil is distributed even without requiring any prescription, the legality of the very business is questionable, and thus the agent or company must not be relied upon. You should remember that a legitimate pharmacy, at any cost, will not dispense Provigil in the absence of a proper prescription. Same holds true for a legitimate physician. He/she will not prescribe Provigil unless it is really required for the patient.

If you have been regularly in the habit of abusing Provigil or any other drug, your healthcare provider will be the right person to help bring you out from the clutches of the drug abuse and addiction. He or she will suggest possible ways and means or resources to help you deal with your drug dependence and make you successfully come out of it. However, the most important thing which you must personally do to make your healthcare provider work in the right manner, is to be absolutely honest and transparent with regard to describing your past problems associated with Provigil or any other drug abuse. This will ensure that your path to recovery is smooth and fast.